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Our work is inspired by the legacy of  University of Maryland student journalist  Enzo M. Alvarenga.


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"He was just a freshman, but he brought distinction to our university and our profession.  He was relentlessly kind, and just as curious. He had style and drive and empathy.  He had admirers, it would seem, for good reasons.  We know who he was.  We can only imagine what he could have become.

I didn’t know Enzo, but I’m proud he was one of us.  Actually, it seems like he was the best of what we could all hope to be. "


Jimmy Roberts

Merrill College Alumnus

NBC Sports

Dear Visitor:

The E4S Foundation is named in honor of my late son, Enzo M. Alvarenga, who was killed in a heart-rending cycling accident on June 1st, 2022.  

Enzo, born October 11, 2003, in Washington, DC., grew up in Bethesda, MD. He was educated at Lycée Rochambeau before enrolling at the Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland, where he majored in Sports Journalism, planning a career as a writer about the world of sports. He grew from a sweet and shy boy into a sensitive, thoughtful, and creative young man. He made those he touched better by his kindness, his calming demeanor, and his dry sense of humor. His family’s diverse heritage, his Catholic faith, his passion for music, his love of sports, and his ability to empathize with the world around him, especially those less fortunate than he—all contributed to his character.


Above all, he was a stalwart older brother to Dino, who is on the autism spectrum and whom he would have protected and looked after for the rest of their lives.

You did not know Enzo, but I wish you had. He was a musician, a poet, and an artist. He loved Manchester United, CA River Plate, the Baltimore Ravens, and the Boston Celtics with equal joy and passion. Indeed, it was a visit to Old Trafford in 2019 that first inspired Enzo to become a sports journalist. That dream became real the day he was accepted to Merrill: before classes even started, he was invited to join a team making a podcast series about the tragic life of Maryland alumnus Len Bias.

At the University of Maryland, Enzo’s ambition was to tell the stories not of the rich and famous sports stars who dominate the headlines but of the men and women who might spend only one day in their life in an arena with all the world watching. For these little-known figures, one single moment can be the realization of a beautiful aspiration of a lifetime of striving. This is the kind of pinnacle that draws us to the apogean moments in sport: when one instant can lift an athlete to the highest exaltation.

It is for such a moment that this site exists: it was Enzo's wish to chronicle human stories and to give a voice to those who work against racism and injustice and on behalf of justice and equality. A citizen of the world, born of a father from El Salvador and a mother from Argentina, Enzo was fluent in English, French, and Spanish. He saw the world as a young human being who exemplified generosity in thought, action, and spirit.

When Enzo was killed, his family vowed that the good work he would have carried out in life should not end. We started this project to help students who would like to travel the same path as Enzo but lack the financial means or other support to do so. Enzo possessed a generous soul, and every donation we receive is used to help others like him complete their education and then increase the number of voices that tell the great stories of our world.

The Foundation is solely dedicated to fulfilling Enzo's vision for a world where journalists tell their stories to form a powerful force for social good. Its name comes from Enzo's Twitter handle: "@enzo4sports." As a former journalist myself, I understand both the need and the impact that we all can make by helping tomorrow's great reporters fulfill their potential today.

On behalf of his mother, Patricia Bibes, his stepmother Dima Hammoud, MD, his brother Dino Alvarenga—and all his family and friends around the world — I thank you for visiting his site, and I remain grateful for your spiritual and financial support.

Carlos Alvarenga

Bethesda, MD

October 11, 2022

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"I caught my breath when I learned of Enzo’s passing .I wanted to learn more about him and spent a good deal of time doing so. It was time well spent as I found myself smiling a lot.

Look at all that hair, look at that style, look at this guy putting together his own packages with tracks and stand-ups for his own website. It was moving to see a young artist already working on the tools he certainly would have made his craft."

Scott Van Pelt
Maryland Alumnus


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